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July 26, 2017

Iowa Wind and Solar Nationally Recognized as the “Most Forward-Thinking Contractor” by Solar Power World

Iowa Wind and Solar is honored to receive the “Most Forward-Thinking Contractor of 2017” award. Solar Power World, one of the industry’s most distinguished voices, announced the winner in their annual “Top Solar Contractors” edition (print article – pg 125) and on their site,

In the article, Solar Power World describes the award as a way to, “recognize innovative solar contractors who are on the cutting edge of solar. These companies seek out new technologies, teach solar power to their communities and find creative ways to streamline customer experience.”

Iowa Wind and Solar was awarded the “Most Forward-Thinking Contractor” due to their technology-driven approach to solar. This includes utilizing drone technology for site mapping, live solar array designs with customers, and working to develop a customer-facing mobile experience to streamline solar projects.

David Birchmier, Vice President of Iowa Wind and Solar, shared his reaction:

We are excited and honored to win the “Most Forward-Thinking Contractor” award. Our mission has always been to make solar simple, and we’ve had a blast coming up with new and innovative ways to do just that.

Iowa Wind and Solar will be receiving the award at the Top Solar Contractors Gala, part of the annual Solar Power International Convention, which is the largest solar trade show in North America. Iowa Wind and Solar is grateful for this recognition and takes it as a mantel of responsibility to continue giving customers the best, most innovative service possible.

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Janae Rowe

Janae Rowe

by Janae Rowe

  1. Dorothy

    This is such a huge honor for our community as well. Thank you Iowa Wind and Solar for being a powerful force of transformation for all of us.

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